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Commonly utilized in finishing, Plastic Ball Valves enable you to turn the progression of fluids on and off rapidly while making a watertight seal. These specific Industrial Plastic Valves function admirably for pools, research centers, food and drink industries, water treatment, life science applications, and chemical applications. These valves have a great time inside that turns on a 90-degree axis. We are suppliers of a wide range of Plastic/Pvc Valves such as Ball Valve, HDPE Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Plug Valve, Globe Valve, Pinch Valve, Check Valve, and fittings also.

Polypropylene is a tough and adaptable thermoplastic polymer. Our supplied Plastic Ball Valves are frequently lightweight and simple to install and are likewise impervious to corrosion. PVC Plastic Valves are incredible for water, hot/cold fluids, drinking water, chemical processing, vacuums, squanderer water, and general utility reason.

Plastic Ball Valve Feature:

  • Greatest service temperature 140°F, Do not test or use with compressed air or different gases.
  • Cold dissolvable solidifying or through threading associations
  • Accessible in one nut or two nuts options
  • Sizes and measurements comply with worldwide standards
Plastic Ball Valve Suppliers in India