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We provide high-quality PVC Male Threaded Adapters.PVC Male Threaded Adapters are used to connect PVC pipe with easy slip to male pipe thread connections. They are ideal for installing long runs of pipe in sprinkler systems without the use of pipe nipples. The PVC Male Threaded Adapters are easy to install because they are made of high quality PVC material in precise dimensions. The Monocle PVC Male Threaded Adapters are extremely durable and come in a variety of sizes, including 63 mm and 75 mm. Adapter for MDPE Male Threaded Adapter  20mm to 1/2 inch BSP Male Thread. A blue alkathene adapter with a 20mm blue alkathene mains water pipe fitting and a male 1/2 inch BSP iron thread. Can also be connected to old Low/High density 1/2 Class C and D alkathene pipe with a 21.5mm OD. To connect a length of metric HDPE pipe to a female-threaded valve or tap, a compression MDPE male Threaded Adapter  fitting is used.

MDPE Male Threaded Adapter

Compression adaptors with a male transition fitting can also be used to fit a female-threaded end cap, allowing for the future installation of a pipeline extension. Compression male adaptor fittings match common pipe sizes and are typically SDR 11 with a size range of 20 mm to 110 mm.

Compression male adaptors are suitable for water and other similar fluids, with pressures up to 16 bar, though this varies depending on ambient temperature and pipe contents temperature. Compression male adaptors are suitable for outdoor use because they are resistant to etching by a variety of chemical substances as well as UV rays. Compression male adaptor fittings, which are compatible with PELD, PEHD, PE40, PE80, and PE100 pipes, are also known as compression male adaptors, compression male-threaded transition fittings, or threaded male poly pipe adaptors.